fiona locke
about Fiona

I've had spanking fantasies for as long as I can remember. My debut novel, Over the Knee, is a semi-autobiographical account of my fantasies and real experiences in the spanking scene. My second book, On the Bare was published in April 2009.

I like to include spanking in all my stories. Sex is great, but it's just not enough without a little bondage, discipline or power play - ideally all three. Nothing can compare with the warmth of a smacked bottom.

Black Lace and Nexus have been very good to me. And when Virgin Books launched its new imprint, Nexus Enthusiast (erotica by enthusiasts for enthusiasts), they asked me if I would write 'the definitive CP novel' for them. Truly a dream assignment. They even let me pose for the cover. Apparently I'm the first Nexus author ever to do so.

Black Lace editor Lindsay Gordon has called me 'exquisitely kinky,' and Arena magazine honoured me in their June 2006 issue by naming me one of 'the world’s naughtiest female writers' and publishing an excerpt from my book in their erotic insert, Dirty Stories by Dirty Girls. It was an honour to be published alongside such erotic icons as Dita von Teese, Belle de Jour and Pink.