fiona locke

13 September 2009

I have officially retired and I wish you all the very best. I hope my words have touched some of you and at least made you feel less alone in your desires. It's been my pleasure to entertain you over the years. Now it's off into the sunset!

14 April 2009

The new book is out! On the Bare is now available from amazon. (In the UK anyway. US readers will have to wait until 9 June.)

1 November 2008

I've just finished my new book On the Bare and we'll see what my editor has to say about it on Monday. It's due out in April 2009, but you can read a lovely post about it on the Cherry Red Report.

31 May 2007

Over the Knee is being reprinted! My editor told me today. It's wonderful news, because it means that almost the whole first printing of 9,000 books must have been sold.

25 April 2007

I've discovered another fascinating Web site: It gives sales ranks in rank order for all the books returned by a search on author, title, or publisher. And it tells me that, on, Over the Knee is the best-selling of all the books published by Virgin Books. Their other two top-ranked books are I'm Chevy Chase and you're not and Richard Branson's Screw it, Let's do it, but I'm outselling both of them!

20 April 2007

I got my first Royalty statement today! Apparently Over the Knee sold over 3300 copies between publication in October and the end of 2007. That's really good, especially since sales didn't start to pick up in the US until February or March. The next statement's due in October.

15 April 2007

I've just discovered a fascinating thread about my book on It's amazing where it pops up!

3 March 2007

OTK does seem to be doing much better in the US now. I saw it at a sales rank of 3373 today. For some reason none of the erotica books seem to get any higher than that in the USA. But I think the publicity at Florida Moonshine must have kick-started it.

26 February 2007

I'm a guest columnist today on the LustBites blog, talking about girls who like to dress as boys.

24 February 2007

I'm late for Valentine's Day, but I've just found a wonderful little gadget site. Duncan Madden, reviewing a Sony e-book reader, writes:

"Talking of reading, you can use the e-book's software to search online from thousands of book titles, transfer something suitably romantic to its in-built memory - may we suggest Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. No? OK, how about Fiona Locke's Over the Knee, ahem - and leave him happy with his half-inch thin new techno toy."

Note to self: must ask my editor about an e-book version.

19 February 2007

Ian tells me that all the copies he had on his stall sold like hot cakes.

17 February 2007

OTK doesn't seem to be doing nearly as well in the US as in the UK. But the nice people who run Florida Moonshine have agreed to distribute flyers at their party this weekend. I've given them a copy as a prize in their Spanking Trivia Competition, and Ian the London Tanner has promised to try to sell a few on his stall at the vendor fair. We'll see how it goes.

13 February 2007

I've discovered something else to be addicted to. amazon ranks all the books it sells by category. Today Over the Knee was ranked no. 5 in the whole of the Romance genre. That means it's selling as well as Maeve Binchy's new novel, published this week.

I can't see them putting it on the "3 for 2" tables at Waterstone's, though.

10 February 2007

I've been translated into German! My editor just sent me a copy of Indiskret, which contains a translated version of Six of the Best. It's weird reading it in a different language.

3 February 2007

Watching amazon sales ranks is addictive! Today Over the Knee reached a rank of 112 on

26 December 2006

Over the Knee is published today in the US! Buy it from

14 November 2006

My friend Mija at The Punishment Book has just written a lovely blog post about Over the Knee.

9 November 2006

Over the Knee is published in the UK today! Buy it from