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All her life Angie has been haunted by one compelling and painful obsession: she wants to be punished. Specifically, she wants to be spanked. At first she found the yearning confusing. Then it was tantalising. Now it is all-consuming. Soon Angie finds herself immersed in the world of corporal punishment and its enthusiasts. Her new friends expose her to every aspect: sexual, disciplinary, roleplay...

Over the Knee is an intensely personal erotic account of the torments and delights of a spanking fetishist. A must-read for anyone who has ever fantasised about the unique combination of pain and pleasure.

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From Over the Knee...

'Over my lap.'
      'But miss, it's so undignified,' I protested.
      'Punishment isn't meant to be dignified. If you had behaved you would have retained your dignity. But when you act like a petulant child you will be treated like a petulant child. Now if you don't place yourself over my lap you will suffer the further indignity of being hauled across it.'
      Suddenly the stuffy schoolroom felt like a meat locker as the chill of erotic fear overwhelmed me. I stepped to her side and stretched out across her shapely thighs. I gazed at the grain in the floorboards, pressing my fingertips to them. Her lap was soft and yielding, so unlike a man's.
      Courtney's hand rested lightly on my bottom and gave it a gentle pat. Then she flipped up my tartan skirt. She slipped my knickers down and a delicious shiver ran down the stepping-stones of my spine.
      'Naughty little girls,' she purred. 'Need to be taught how to behave. Don't they?'
      'Yes, miss,' I whispered.
      Her cool hand descended on my bare bottom, caressing it in slow circles, savouring its smooth whiteness.
      'When girls act in vulgar ways they disgrace not only themselves, but their families.'
      Her mellifluous words were so eloquent and proper. And I knew without being told that they were words she'd heard before, probably from some southern belle governess of her own. The authenticity made me blush and I surrendered to her firm, ladylike admonition.
      'I'm sorry that it's come to this,' she said and I could almost believe the wistful tone in her voice. 'But you've brought it on yourself. Blatant disobedience. And what has it earned you, young lady? A good sound spanking.'

From Over the Knee...

But it was the second photoset that really shocked me. It showed a different girl, a lanky brunette with pale olive skin and an impish smile, standing naked on a tourist overlook at what could only be the Grand Canyon. I gaped at the pictures as she posed and pouted for the camera, showing off her flexibility. A few shots later and she was upended over the knee of a faceless man, her bottom reddening noticeably as the sequence progressed.
      The website was 'a celebration of spanking al fresco.'
      'These are incredible,' I said, clicking on another set of pictures. This one showed two girls bending over a railing with their bottoms bared. The white sails of the Sydney Opera House gleamed behind them.